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Unknown model car LCD with missing component

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  • Unknown model car LCD with missing component

    Hi everyone!

    I've found this 7" car LCD in a flea market.

    I can't find any meaningful model number anywhere so I don't know the manufacturer, from lurking around I presume it's a Lilliput.

    It doesn't turn on, after opening it up I noticed that it's missing an electronic component on the motherboard.

    Sorry for the skewed pic, it's the only way I got a clear picture without a bright white flash in the middle.

    Here's a zoom in on the missing component. Look at the empty silver area. It appears to be a 5-pin voltage regulator.

    Does anybody know what LCD is this and what's the part number of the missing component? I can provide further information/pictures if needed. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    lilliput 629 ?
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