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digital photoframes as screens

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  • digital photoframes as screens

    please help me, i would like to know that the digital touchscreens as on can be used like screens for car computers or not?

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    Not without some serious hacking involved.
    I expect that these are comparatively low-rez screens, very much like the screens used in headrest TV monitors and the like.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      for that price, just get the usb Mimo 7" monitors. i just got the non-touch version for $130. they got a touch version with webcam/mic for $199. i installed mine in the headrest, looks great. powered through the usb cable. very bright and clear picture. not sure about sunlight yet. no dual video card needed. an extended desktop gives you lots of options like playing videos only in the back while using gps up front. worked well like that with Centrafuse.
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        possibly if u get one with a vga input or s-video input

        I would warn that these are low res cheap displays. They are designed for static pictures. They most likely would ghost and shadow and generally look pretty bad while playing any sort of motion. so I would avoid it.

        here is one with s-video:


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          Originally posted by lacning74 View Post
          for that price, just get the usb Mimo 7" monitors.
          I bet that would work well for a speedometer/ odometer. Ill have to keep it in mind


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            You'll have to solder a DSUB connector to the motherboard if the pins even exist.
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              These screens are made to be used indoors and may be less than half the brightness of the cheapest real carpc screens.