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  • Possible New Screen?

    I am possibly thinking about getting a different screen to use in my car and I am wondering what everyone thinks about it. Right now I have an alpine 740bt in the dash and an off brand 8" touch screen mounted to my center console. YOu can see the from the pics below of them installed.

    What I am thinking of getting is this monitor to swap out the alpine with.

    I am not getting rid of the alpine just thinking of having it where the 8 inch touch screen is located and using the new monitor in the dash mainly for when I use the carpc and navigation. Think it would be easier to use that next to me on the console. I don't have the carpc in the car just yet and the 8 inch screen is just used as a second screen in the car. Might try working with the 8 inch before getting the new screen but have been looking at this new one for a while now. Just wondering if anyone has used this screen or if they know anything about it. Is this screen any good or not? I do like that it doesn't have a frame so I can make my own to put in the dash. Just looking for some info from others on this screen so any input is greatly appreciated.