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lilliput to molex help really needed

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  • lilliput to molex help really needed

    right im looking to wire up my lilliput to a molex tonight, now I only have the in ac plug lead for it so I will be cutting that, does anyone know which is positive, is it the one with writing on or the one with think lines going down? I just cant see how I can test this muself really as I dont fancy cutting the wires and testing while its plugged into my house lol.. if I get these the wrong way around will it fry the screen or just not power on?


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    Plug in the adapter to the wall but not the screen then use a multimeter and probe the lines. +voltage means you got the polarity correct. -voltage means you got it wrong.

    You can also look on the back of the wall wart and there should be an image of the plug with one part labeled. Usually the center has a + mark, that means the center barrel is +
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