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Beating the dead horse with CAT6

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  • Beating the dead horse with CAT6

    So here I am, fiddling with a lappy here at the office.. Trying to figure out a good way to extend the cables, searching mp3car. =) IDE and SCSI cables sound like a good plan, however I'm currently eyeing a cable more suited for the job of shielding - CAT6.

    The number of cables would require multiple 4pairs, but I'm thinking this could extend the max length before loss. Additionally:

    -Cheap, plentiful Modular configuration.
    -Shielding from A-Z.
    -Small form factor.
    -You have an excuse to run CAT6 in your car.

    Anyone explore this possibility?

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    You do realize that the vast majority of Cat5/5e/6 cable is UTP, meaning unshielded twisted pair, right?
    There is shielded Cat5/5e/6 cable, but it's pricey.

    That said, I have used Cat5/6 to extend things lke USB ports, LEDs & switches for the PC and the like. It's great for low-voltage stuff where EMI isn't that big an issue.
    Some claim that it's good for audio signal, as well. I can't answer to that.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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