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lilliput IR remote reciever part#

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  • lilliput IR remote reciever part#


    I tried to extend my IR receiver on my lilli 629 and ended up cooking the reciever... Found many posts on here of users doing the same except when it get's to the post where they ask 'anyone know where i can get a replacement?' it ends there.

    So does anyone actually know the part# of the IR remote reciever that lilliput used in these screens?

    Also, i lifted a couple solder pads and was wondering if anyone knows where the pins on the IR receiver actually go on the PCB so i could just make some jumper wires?


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    are you talking about just the ir sensor itself? If so I had to replace mine and I can see if I still have the part #.


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      Yeah that's what i was talking about the IR receiver. I was finally able to source one at a local electronics shop. The part number was TRM1038 and i can't for the life of me find a datasheet...

      I was also able to get some help from someone at that told me where to solder the leads to since i wrecked the solder pads.

      as far as the part numbers go i'm pretty sure any 3 lead generic 38KHz IR receiver should work

      I've hooked everything up and it works fine. attached is a pic where you can directly solder the IR receiver leads to the PCB. But do that at your own risk!
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