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Getting computer display correct on 7" widescreen

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  • Getting computer display correct on 7" widescreen

    I just got my 7" widescreen tft lcd in-dash screen in my car

    it's a panasonic screen with 1480 x 234 resolution

    it looks great for movies/ps2/etc, but i can't get it to look quite right for my computer display

    i got a dell inspiron 7000 with rage is s-video out of laptop, to a s-video->rca converter i got to rca input into the screen

    the laptop is running win98se, and the display properties only let me do 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768 ... none of these fill the whole lcd screen, as it is 1480x234 ... also, the text looks really small...when i do 640x480, it's easiest to read, but then i have to minimize the bottom part of street atlas2003 in order to see the maps and street names well enough

    is this because my lcd is widescreen? or because it is just a tft screen, but isn't vga,svga compatible? if so, do i need to sell it and buy a different in-dash lcd that is vga compatible? will that look much better? or should i buy a 5.6" that isn't widescreen? if so, which would u recommend? i want to keep it under 300 and i don't need it current one cost only $229

    if there is a way besides display properties to change my resolution, then that'd be great...maybe some 3rd party program lets u specify what exact resolution you want?

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    would a vga-tv converter work better? i heard that if i do it that way, i can have it zoom to fill the entire lcd this true?

    i would have thought that my tv-out would have filled the whole lcd screen, but it doesnt ;o(

    would a vga-tv scan converter solve my problem?

    help please!!!


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      you can use powerstrip to set custom resolutions. search the forum for ways people have setup their displays for widescreen.
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