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Xenarc Touchscreen Fuzzy Screen

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  • Xenarc Touchscreen Fuzzy Screen

    Hi all

    I have just finished with my install and everything appears to be working great apart from a few teething problems. However, there is one thing that is really bugging me. When I am using Centrafuse, the display is clear enough due to the dark colours I think, but when I then switch to the main XP desktop screen to do other things, the display is really really poor. It appears very fuzzy and unclear. Also, when looking at photos from within Centrafuse, the pictures and very poor. Colours seem to be washy and they are unclear etc...

    Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this and a possible solution?

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    just a thought i had fuzziness on mine and i wiggled the connector and it was clear. Maybe u have a loose connection