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Powering Xenarc

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  • Powering Xenarc

    I was initially going to run a power converter for my Xenarc, as I was going to need one for other electronics in the car, but as plans change, I realized I was no longer going to need to use one.

    So, I quickly cut my Xenarc's AC adaptor cable in half, stripped the wires, and then realized what an idiot I was.

    I had forgotten to check the polarity on the bullet plug before I hacked it apart, so my question is, is the Xenarc similar to the Lilliput screens in that the positive is "inside" the plug, and negative outside? I really don't want to fry this new screen.

    Also, after researching a bit, I decided the easiest way to power the screen would be by splicing into a four pin molex connector already in the pc. If anyone has any suggestions/comments on this idea, I'd like to hear them.


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    Thought of a relatively easy solution, I just plugged the AC adapter into the wall and used a multimeter to test for which wire was which.