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    Hi, A friend is sending me a laptop with a broken screen and I'm not sure where to look for replacments.

    The laptop is an Advent 7250 made by Asus and is very similar to their L7000-e series. I have tried reasearching on both models for new screens but haven't found much. Does anyone have any experience with laptops, because I know jack about them.

    Also would it be possible to buy a generic screen and stick that in or will I need an original replacment. The screen is a 13.3" thats all the info I have, it should be arriving next week so maybe I can take it out for a look.

    cheers in advance

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      You might be able to buy a generic, as long as the specs match exactly. Once you get it, open it and see if you can find a model number on the LCD. It might be a common brand, maybe a Sharp or Toshiba or something, or something else all together.
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        Yeah, Charliey & ddt gave some good advice.

        I suggest you open up that laptop lid... do a search for screws (often they will be hidden under labels or pads) unscrew them, then take a cardboard cutter razer blade and gently pry the top and bottom parts of the lid apart. Its held together with plastic snap-together pieces as well as screws.

        Then there will be a part number on the lcd... some combo of letters and numbers. Your best bet is to take a few pictures when you ahve it open, so you dont have to go opening it up again.

        Then do like ddt said and do an ebay search on that part number.

        You donít need any special tools or parts (other then the new lcd) but you will need a steady hand, and the patience to go about disassembly slowly
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          Hey guys, thanks for the advice.

          Well the laptop arrived today and I've started to remove the screws! There was 7! 6 of which I have removed but one is stuck!

          The other screws have locking liquid (Loctite) or something and obviously this one has welding itself in.

          I don't wanna force it, although I have applied pressure, but no luck. The last thing I want is a screw with a stripped off head.

          Any ideas?



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            Stuck screws. That sucks.

            Hopfully it is a phillips head,
            make sure the bit fits the screw well.
            Press down as much as you can without breacking the plastic or other bits and turn. Try turning both directions to "break" it loose.

            Good luck, that is all I can think of.
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              I bought a new screwdriver and managed and got a better grip, so all is well.

              On the back of the screen there was a label:

              LCD SANYO 12.1"T LVDS
              'theres a barcode

              I've tried searching but can't find anything. If someone can help it will be really apreciated!


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                Why is everything so complicated! I thought this was a Sanyo screen but it turns out its made by Torisan with a part no:


                The label was hidden behind all this form protection stuff. Well its good news anyway because there seems to be more information and a few available screens on Ebay!!!


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                  Torisan = Tottori Sanyo

                  Torisan and Sanyo are the same company.