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  • Please Help DWW-700M


    I uninstalled my DWW-700M back in October of 2008. Its just been sitting in the closed position until last night I fired it back up to be reinstalled in my new car. However, the motorized mechanism isn't quite working right. It pops with the screen is all the way flat and at 90 degrees. When the screen is closing its a two stage process with two different motor mechanisms. The first tilts the screen flat so that the other motor and pull the screen back in the dash. Well the tilting motor is clicking at the very bottom. It also cannot get past 90 degrees when its opening without a little help.

    See the picture below of the tilt mechanism. Since it was stored in the lowered position, I think the mechanism to disengage the pinion is not working anymore. I think that same spot is also contributing to the 90 degree issue since which ever gear is giving problems has probably spun a full 360 to show the problem again. I checked every tooth I could see of every gear that is engaged and did not find any obstructions. I took a toothpick and ran it through many of the teeth. The disengaging mechanism still works at the full tilt angle.

    I tried pulling it apart but many of the screws' heads are shaved off since everything is such a tight fit. Does anyone have any experience fixing these kinds of problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if Armen is still around, could somebody let me know how to get in touch with him.


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