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pioneer avic x1bt with pc

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  • pioneer avic x1bt with pc

    hi there i have just built my pc and am ready to hook it up to the car. i have a pioneer avic x1bt in dash screen, i have read the FAQ's section on what screen to use and its basically saying i cant use it, after it has just cost me 1700 i dont really want to get rid of it. is there no chance at all that this will work?????

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    video only

    You should be able to use the video in on that head unit with your pc if you have tv out on the carputer but the video quality won't be great and you wont be able to use the touchscreen interface to controle the pc.

    Out of curiosity, what are you going to be using the carputer for that the headunit can't do on its own?


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      i just wanted to use it mainly as a music centre to store my music and save me having loads of cds. thanks for your help uve confirmed my suspicions how annoying, never mind


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        If you are only going to use the pc for mp3 storage you may be better off with an ipod instead. It looks like your head unit supports ipod control and a 120 gig ipod classic will cost a lot less than a carputer.