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Brightest LCD with M1023

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  • Brightest LCD with M1023

    I was just wondering what the brightest 10.4" LCD is that will work with the M1023 Rev E (AllenRuble Controller)?

    I have done a search around, but have found nothing specific relating to screen brighness. The only thing I have found is is a LQ10D421 at 300nit.

    Does anyone know of a brighter one that is compatible with this controller? What panel does Datalux use in their 500nit models?

    I would really appreciate some help with this one, as a 200nit (LP104V1) just isn't going to cut it in the New Zealand sun!


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    I have the M1023 working with my Sharp LQ104V1DG11, 350 nits.

    Speaking of, one thing I noticed was that when I finally put it in my dash, the thing lit up the inside of my dash as much as the inside of the car. All that wasted light!!! What I did was, take some aluminum tape and tape over the entire back of the LCD, covering all of the holes . That way, the light that normally escapes through the rear of the LCD is reflected out of the front!


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      Thats not bad SuperMatty, but from your earlier posts, you say it does not fit into the Datalux housing. I was hoping to keep it all neatly inside the housing.

      How about an LQ10D421. Does anyone know if it will fit into a Datalux LMV10R housing? According to Allen it should work with the controller, but does it fit???

      Anyone know?


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        And you fella, are by far the most impressive member I have seen so far with only 12 posts. Simply because you searched THANKS!