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    hey there...
    i wanted to know that what is actually lvds? i am coming across many posts talking about lvds and lvds screens.
    where exactly is this lvds used?
    is it only used in laptop screens?
    is it beneficial to use lvds screens?

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    Lvds is just a method, a compressed form of data streaming. Contains color bits, synchron signals and other control lines. It usually works by 4 pairs, 3 pairs for data and one for lvds clock. The frequency is higher than the original data clock.
    It needs transmitter and receiver, but the transmitter is often built in the videochp and receiver is often included by the chip on the LCD.

    It is more noise and crosstalk-tolerant, therefore it also can be used for longer distance (4m or so).
    On laptops, the demand for higher res and color makes the lvds an ideal choice because the number of wires at the hinges are limited.

    LCD monitors, 17' and above also use this technology within the box.
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