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    Hey i need a in-dash flip out monitor. but just a monitor no dvd player mp3 anything.
    My car came with one from the guy that owned the car before me but i broke it.
    Any suggestions?

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    Ideas for good in-dash monitors?

    haha kinda funny cause Ive been browsing around these forums for quite some time and was gonna post this question aswell... I know there is the xenarc 700idt and the MDT-X7000 which sadly everyone is saying is defective out of box.

    I found a posting with this website that lists tons of them,
    but without any kinda reviews or anything im really hesitant to commit to any of them.

    For myself I need one that will control my carpc and volumn knobs are def a plus. The main reason I want an indash is because im not skilled with modifications that would be needed for a mounted screen.

    Thank you very much to everyone who can help us find the perfect (or close to perfect...) monitor


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      I have the 700IDt which is a good monitor, it's lasted two years and only ever had one issue (fixed within warranty period) but it is rather expensive. As you said the MDT-X7000 usually comes broken out of the box so I don't suggest it.

      Personally if I were you I'd give up on the flip-out and mold the screen into your dash. Makes it look much less corny and hacked up.
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        As far as I've been able to tell (please someone, correct me here if I'm wrong!), every retracting in-dash monitor that has been tried out on the forums has been a failure for some reason or other... usually because they're simply poor quality.

        I ran across these two earlier while looking into purchasing one of these monitors, recommended in this thread, to mount flush in my dash. As far as I can remember, there was a rather extensive review of at least one of those units a while back that said while they had a lot of features (built-in DVD drive acted as DVD-ROM!!), the amps sucked, and the screens broke all the time.

        I'm just going to bite the bullet myself and try to pop my fabrication cherry without destroying my car in the process... :-P


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          Originally posted by asplodzor View Post
          I'm just going to bite the bullet myself and try to pop my fabrication cherry without destroying my car in the process... :-P
          Yeah from everything Ive seen and from these replies looks like im gonna have to do the same thing. Is there a section in the forums that gives tips on dash mods etc? I have never done anything like this before so I would def like to know what all I would need to get started then maybe do some practicing before I try anything on the actual car.

          Thank you

          *should have looked at the forums before posting. Fabrication forum:


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            i have one of these, its a cheap and cheerfull made in china brand $265us
            has vga in

            touchscreen is good, average in sunlight tho