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  • display, projected to the windshield

    Hi, guys
    Has anybody seen Corvette's indicators on its windshield? There's a window on the top of the dashboar of driver's side between windshield and dashboard's visor. Under that window there's a mirror and then a dispaly. The mirror reflects light (image) from display through the window to the windshield. By changing angle of the mirror you can change vertical position of the image on the windshield. Indicators avalable are: speed, tachometer, critical warning and one of some other like fuel/oil pressure/etc...
    Why I'm talking about it? Well, my friend (this Corvette's owner) is saying that he doesnt look at the dashboard anymore. Everything he usually needs is speed indicator (it is digital like in alarm clock) and turns off all others. And this speedometer looks like sitting on the road right in the front of the car.
    So I have in plans installing something like this in my car (in very far future thow). I'm thinking of getting one digital display like in alarm clock, attaching it to LPT or COM, getting speed via OBDII interface and somehow projecting it to the windshield of my car. If I get a display more advanced than just seven segments, then, I could display more useful info, taken from computer/OBD/GPS/whatever.
    I have no idea how to do all that, but It is just a thought I wanted to share with mp3car community. Maybe somebody finds this interesting and has time/money/resources to build it. Corvette has it, why cannot we have it?

    If anybody interested, I can try to make some pictures of thing I'm talking about...

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    The problem is with most car windsheilds they'll reflect off both the outer and inner surface of the window glass without a special glass like the corvette has, or a flim that im not sure anyone was able to find a source for. those threads have a bunch more info.

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