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Second headrest LCD upside down

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  • Second headrest LCD upside down

    Hi everyone,
    I have tried searching for a fix to this, but haven't found anything relevant to my problem.
    I only recently bought a my05 subaru liberty 3.0rb, which came with aftermarket DVD and twin headrest LCDs.

    The problem I am having is that one of the LCDs is upside down, the supplied remote has the function to flip or mirror the display, which works perfectly on the other LCD, also on the working LCD there is a menu option to flip, but this seems to be missing in the upside down one.
    I have searched the google as well, but these are kind of 'no name' brand LCDs so hard to find a solution.
    Although I did eventually find this site this looks identical to mine.

    Anyway to quit the rambling, do any of you guys have an idea as to why the LCD wont flip and the menu would be missing? problem with the controller maybe? I have opened the case and tried to flip the actual panel, but the backlight power is not long enough as well as other problems.

    It is not a huge issue, but seeing as I have only had the car a week, it is a tad annoying.

    Cheers for any help.