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jensen screen video out help?????

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  • jensen screen video out help?????

    ok whats up you guys i'm new to this web site, and i need help --obviously--

    heres what im trying to do.. first i tried a rca to vga converter to use a lcd pc monitor as a tv... i have a jensen 7" screen head unit with video out --rca vhs video yellow-- right.. and i have a flatscreen television.. i powered the tv via inverter and was fine...

    ok first i had bought a rca to vga converter and hooked it all up, and no doubt their was all fuzzy dots on the pc monitor, so i brought a flatscreen tv out


    but when i plug the video rca --male to male from the back of head unit to the tv-- and turn on a movie or whatever.. it plays perfect, the only thing is that it has like a scrolling black/white thinggyy like can i get these to go away?


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    Probably by not using an inverter ;-)

    Try running an extension cord to the car and running the TV off of regular home AC power. See if that makes the lines go away...
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