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are xenarc/lilliput vga's worth the price?

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  • are xenarc/lilliput vga's worth the price?

    I'm looking around the the xenarc/lilliput 7" are going for $250+ while and ebay are selling unknown brands for much cheaper. Is there a big difference? are the cheap ones less sensative and crap out faster?

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    The primary difference you'll find is in viewability in sunlight. The more expensive monitors are generally much easier to see during the daytime outside or in a car as opposed to inside a building
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      ... but unless you're going for high brightness monitors or sunlight readable monitors, they're generally the same. You won't see any of them in sunlight at all, might as well save a few bucks.
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        oh interesting, its not too sunny up here anyway so that's good. Thanks guys.


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          It all depends on your needs. Cheap ebay monitor will offer you touchscreen and decent VGA viewing. They generally lack quality (will likely break before the higher end stuff), very little support (where as the xen/lilliput have a huge support information all over the net), features that are often very useful (ie. auto turn on, which is definitely a need for carputing, autoswitch very good for reverse camera if you plan to have one).


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            Agreed - support, in particular from Lilliput is just excellent, we take back all monitors that are defective within warranty and swap them out for new, and send the defective to Lilliput, you cannot beat that guarantee that your monitor will work (so long as you stay within the guidelines).

            There are some Lilliput grade monitors on E-Bay, at lower prices, but I am not aware of any with the same level of support.
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              Also just to add, you keep saying Xenarc/Lilliput.

              I would group Lilliput/ebay together and Xenarc by itself. They are all made in china (even though Xenarc claims the US, I am sure they just assemble them here or put a sticker on it), but the layout, design, function, and firmware capabilities out of the box are much better on the Xenarc. Almost all the monitors you find on ebay are just rebranded versions of the same thing. The insides are identical, the casing is identical or similar, and then there is some random companies logo on it.

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                I know where you are coming from. I do agree that'd they're all pretty much made in china, but the quality and components of the higher end stuff are quite different (ie. 702TSV and 706TSA). Most ebay brand do not offer 1000NIT screens, 5 wire touch, or DVI inputs...etc.

                Though I do agree at around the lower price range, ie 705TSV, 619GL, the ebay stuff are comparable, but this is where the good services and support makes the difference.

                Transflective is really nice, and I wish I'd have one somedays, but like most people on this forum including the OP, carputing is a hobby and it doesn't usually have financial priority.


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                  i was surprised with the quality of my lilliput 701. it does at first seem like cheap china crap, but it actually is fairly well thought out in design and much, much more rugged then it appears (not to mention really good resolution scaling) i hate to admit, but its already been dropped like 4 times from me just using it in the living room waiting for my carpc to be finished. i was lucky though, $299 shipped brand new for a transflective model. the guy had it up for auction and nobody even saw it. one bid was my bid, and thats all it took for a 7-day auction. very, very lucky.