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mounting a Lilliput 629GL-70NP 7" in a single din dash

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  • mounting a Lilliput 629GL-70NP 7" in a single din dash

    I'm looking into getting the Lilliput 629GL-70NP 7". I need a way to mount it, and fabricating a place for it in the dash is out of the question (My dad paid for the car, and he doesn't want to hurt resale value). So the alternative is removing the aftermarket radio and mounting the screen using the single din.

    I would like to avoid the xenarc and other screens built specially for single din spaces, as they seem to be significantly more expensive, and there's really much less selection. Also, I could care less about having the screen pop out from the dash.

    What I would like to do is rig up my own removable bracket to hold the lilliput, but I can't figure out what kind of mount the lilliput has on it, what kind of screws, etc.

    Has anyone done anything like this before, are there any other ways to mount a screen like this without prefab? Any ideas?

    Thanks for the time

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    if you can do it without even modifing your car, let me know. i have a thread over in 'fabrication' that shows how im doing pretty much what your asking, but it involves heavy modification to the radio bezel (which, itself in my case is only a $20 bezel off ebay, so i can easily put it all back to stock if i ever want to)