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  • touchscreen cables

    i have aquired one of these:

    (sorry thats the only piccy i could find)

    it came with the power cable but no other leads and i cant test the touchscreen function.

    has anyone got a diagram of the leads so i can build em or a source to buy em?

    also a link to the manufacturers sit would be useful!

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    well after much searching and some guess work i have managed to get the vga working, just got to figure out which pins to ground to get the correct resolution info to the pc.

    now i have vga working a need to sort the touch side, anyone know which wires are for the touch?

    it has a usb port but this says av1 and av2 on it. there is no mention of touch. i am assuming its either a driver issue as when usb cable is in it wont recognise it as a touchscreen and my mouse packs in. i have tried loads of drivers found via this site. it seems like similar issues that others have had but i cannot be sure the usb port is for touch or the touch is on the vga side and i need to know which wires to connect to a usb plug!

    any help?????????????


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      slow down a little. hard to understand... what do you mean by 'mouse packs in?'


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        the usb mouse( plugged into another usb port) stops functioning on the movement(x y axis???) but the scroll and buttons work.

        in device manager, the mouse is there under human interface device(HID) BUT THE SCREEN IS( I THINK) LISTED AS UNKNOWN DEVICE. NON OF THE DRIVERS/SOFTWARE WILL RECOGNISE THE SCREEN

        damn caps lock!!!


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          so basically, youre working off the vga pin port... its an all in one that supplies video and usb? it sounds like your not hooking up the right wires (or right way) on the usb pins. if you lose mouse function when you plug in your touchscreen that usually means there is something wrong with the usb device, and it kills the whole usb hub in device manager.

          i have no idea what wires you want to use though...


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            i assumed the the vga( mini usb was original connector but i have replaced it with a vga d-sub connector) connection was just for the vga, i'm begining to think its not a touch screen tbh, there was originally a usb mini port( 5 wires in a mini usb?) and a usb a female ( another 4 or 5 wires??) would this be enough to plugs to carry vga as marked on the case, touch and as marked on the case av1/av2

            i assume for av's you would need minimum of 3 wires ( 1 for av1 one for av2 and a common ground??)

            then for vga, R G B and again a common ground then h sync and possibly v sync???

            this equates to 8 wires out of 10 possible wires????

            how many are needed for touch function? ive never took a touch screen to bits before so i'm in unfamiliar territory!

            cheers for your help!!!


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              i have confirmed the mini usb (vga) did not carry the touch, it did carry the following:

              h sync
              v sync

              so, were'd the touch go??

              can anyone confirm the super tvg-800 IS touch???

              the above links show it as a touch!!!!