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Xenarc 700ITD - One side wont latch

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  • Xenarc 700ITD - One side wont latch

    Hey guys,

    Just for my 700ITD from repair (TS display board replaced)

    Now, The right side of the cable won't latch onto the connection. So when I push the display into the din - it comes loose and I loose touchscreen/sometimes video. Now, I can't tell if the cables latch piece is pushed in, or if it might be the connection on the screen itself - Has anyone ever had an issue like this...could it be from when they took the unit apart for repair?

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    Yes it definitely could be from them screwing it up. I got my 700IDT back from them it was missing the bearings that the screen slides on, had to send it back AGAIN :/. They usually pay for return shipping for something like that just call them up.
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      Ended up bending the little pin on the screen outwards abit, seemed to work a little - latches on now...but still not very'll do for the time being though.