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TV/FM outputing to a 4x20 LCD.

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  • TV/FM outputing to a 4x20 LCD.

    Something I haven't found or seen any talk about here is a FM/TV Tuner that could output to a 4x20 LCD.

    I was looking at the bottom two here:

    I was wondering if anyone has seen anything that would allow these to work with a CrystalFontz display or other.

    I want to get rid of the head unit since it's busted and it would be nice to see it work on the 4x20 LCD instead of powering up the LCD.

    Thanks people...


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      You want it to output the picture to a 4x20, or the station info?

      If the former (and it's an HD44780 based device), not a chance, they don't work using graphics, they are text based (with a small number of user definable characters).

      If it's a graphic device (T6963C based device, eg), it could probably be done, albeit at a low resolution, and if connected to the parellel port, a very low refresh rate. Be prepared to write all your own software though.

      Station info shouldn't be much of a problem, although again you'll probably find yourself writing your own software.

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        Sorry, should have clarified.

        I wanted to output the station info to my CrystalFontz Display.

        RDS would have been nice too, but I haven't seen a PC TV/FM Tuner with Radio Station ID Info...




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          DAB ( digital audio broadcasting ) . You can get different products that are DAB compatable, like a PCI card ($229 CDN) for your car computer which comes with it's own antenna and software. Maybe you could find or write a plugin so it pull's the info it gets and send's it out through your character display . It shows all radio info , song info, plus traffic ( i think).
          Or buy the Blaupunkt WOODSTOCK DAB Headunit ($999 CAN).
          Both products also offer one touch MP3 recording of on-air programming.
          So far i've only seen these in Canada and the U.K and you have to be within a certain coverage area ( kinda like a cell phone coverage area's ).
          By the do not have to pay or subscribe to get the service, all you need is the hardware.
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            If you are using winamp, you can try to stack a couple of plugins, one that would control the FM card and play through winamp (if there is one that exists) and another to output to the LCD. The only problem is finding a way to name the stations, if there is a FM plugin that will possibly allow saving the stations as playlists then you can probably easily name different playlists and have a track name for each station. This is all theory though, I don't know if there are "FM plugins" or if one would allow you to name the stations, but it is definately an easy solution if it exists (no programming ) so i'd look into it.
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