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2008 Lilliput 619 Parts!!!

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  • 2008 Lilliput 619 Parts!!!

    Hey folks. So I got my 619 back in February of this year and its been sitting for a while waiting to be installed in my dash. I've been working the kinks out of my carputer and finally thought it'd be about time to do a test run. I already had the screen disassembled and ready to drop in a double din housing (either a bybyte or the nice metal Subaru ones, but for now I was just cardboard/MDFing it). Turned everything on, played with the settings a bit and all of a sudden I smell electric burn! So I unplug the Lilliput and then the carpc. I'm looking at the board of the Lilliput (where I smell the smoke) and can't see any physical problems... I touch one area on the board where I feel heat coming from and give myself a 2nd degree burn ( anyone?). After tending to that, I let a fan run on the board to cool it down. After an hour or so, its at room temp, I plug it in and it flickers on with no problem. Its not heating up, but WAIT! The touch no longer works... So I'm stuck with a screen that only displays, but has no interaction, minus my wireless mouse...

    After grumbling about that for a bit, I decide to grab my multimeter and test some caps and resistors, see if I can't trace down the short or what not. I figured it to be the U11 resistor (if anyone is familiar). Well I go to start the screen up again and it won't turn on when plugged in. The power/led strip doesn't light up and I get nothing from my PC or other PC's I tested it on.

    So at this point, I'm sure the board is dead, and probably beyond repair. I called and emailed Lilliput to see about purchasing a replacement board, they haven't gotten back to me quite yet. Does ANYONE know anything about these shorting out this way? Anyone have a wiring schem, so I can run down and try to chase it? Does anyone have a spare board they'd like to sell? Does anyone have any advice whatsoever?

    Thank you Mp3car forum readers and posters! Any and all help is always greatly appreciated!
    Saab 93 Carputer
    Comaq D51u, M1-ATX... all the goodies.