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  • Hooking up the power

    So once I get my controller in the mail, should be this week, what sorta power should I hook it up to since I don't have one of those pretty little dc to dc psu's yet? The one in my desktop here should give out the right kind of power right?

    I really don't know much about PSUs so I'm wondering.. There are two different cables coming out of mine in my desktop.. the large type that connects up to the cd and harddrives etc and then a smaller one that hooks up to my floppy. Are both of these the same power? How do I know which one I can use to hook up to the controller for the right power?


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    Also.. how's the line from the LCD backlight inverter board hook up to the controller?? I'll probably have to cut the 5-wire connector off of it and then solder(?) it to the lcd controller? I dunno..



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      As I posted last time, you'll get the power from the molex connector from the PSU. The current requirements will be in your controller instructions. You'll have to go from there. What controller did you purchase? Do you have the PDF on it? Your controller may come with the appropriate wires and molex connector to connect to the controller and inverter. Take a look at the picture from the link on my install and you'll get a good idea of how it all connects. If you don't get the appropriate cables in your controller kit, you can make them. Once again, the pdf or instructions will tell you how and what goes where. Unless you have the PDF or can find it on-line, wait until you get your controller and instructions in the mail. Once you get it, or if you find it on-line, let me know and I'll take a look at it for you.

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