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My LCD shows waves, after extension

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  • My LCD shows waves, after extension

    iv just extended my lcd cables that connect from the lcd to the main board and now i see waves over my video, does any one know how i can fix this problem.

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    that would be interferance--- you need to find a way to sheild the extension cables.
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      Move them away from other power cables. Or even unshielded audio.
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        I had the same problem and i wish i can tell you how i solved that issue but i honestly have no idea how what i did could've corrected the issue. All i did was epoxy my screen down on to the double din mount and tape off my other video inputs. Now my screen looks perfect. Makes no sense to me but i hope it helps
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          i have been getting 'flutter' in my eby701... but it only seems to happen when the lcd is turned on... and after about 10min it seems to warm up and be fine. i worry my screen is going to die, but for now its been ok. does yours get better after its been on for awhile?