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Just got a nissan frontier... new project, new LCD recomendations

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  • Just got a nissan frontier... new project, new LCD recomendations

    I installed 3 carputers now.

    The one in my 97 rodeo, 01 rodeo, and an 08 mazdaspeed3 (a friends car)

    In my rodeo's i've always used the EBY701
    Non LED backlit, quite useless in the sun, only useful when you have your interface button locations memorized. I don't want this in my frontier, I want something wicked great but not too harsh on price.

    The EBY701 I installed in my buddies mazda seemed SO MUCH BETTER than the two previous eby701 lcd's I have had. The screen was more glossy and easier to clean, the picture was much more clear with light shining on it, whats the deal? I don't think it was the LED model, maybe it was though, I know that it sure got warm, ( the circuit board and location of the light in the lcd panel it self)...

    I'm wondering if I should get myself the newest and latest EBY701 or something else out there that I don't know exists.

    I like that I can program the EBy701 to turn on as soon as power is applied, no matter what.

    Whats the other new brands/models that I should be aware of?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    This is for a 2005 nissan frontier nismo crew cab.
    Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |

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    in term of brightness and clarity, they're pretty similar across the board xenarc/lilliput.
    if sunlight readability is a big thing for you then you need something transflective, or high brightness like the 702tsv.