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Found a motorized VGA (maybe?)

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  • Found a motorized VGA (maybe?)

    Two from panasonic. The details and the product manual mention a "RGB input" along w/ regular composite inputs. Unclear what the
    interface actually is.

    Decent price, actually, considering they also include tuners / DVD drives.

    CQ-VA707W w/ FM tuner, etc - $499

    CY-VMD9000U w/ DVD/CD player/decode - $699 (I think I saw this one somewhere else for $624)

    Anyone ever used with one of these devices?

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    That's not VGA, it's composite RCA.
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      actually, RGB would be Component Video... Composite video is a single RCA conneciton...

      This is one step above supervideo in picture quality...

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        Yeah mike is right. Rgb is component in. If Im not mistaken you can get an rgb-vga converter. I dont think they come cheap though. Id like to see a DVI lcd monitor. That would be ultimate.
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          ATI sells a rgb to vga adaptor for $30 if I'm not mistaken. They call it an HD Adaptor, it's available at their website.



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            If its truly a component RGB input (separate RGBHV sigs), then you shouldn't need anything special to drive it, other than setting the appropriate scan timings. Just a cable to plug into the HD15 connector on your video card.

            I believe that ATI adapter converts to YPrPb for most HDTVs. (I have a similar one from Audio Authority so I can display 1440x540p on my HDTV at home). It just converts colorspace, not any timing information.

            Unfortunately, all the docs say is "RGB Input" for future Navigation system. Its unclear if it requires anything special, of its even a regulor RGB input. Still looking for a pinout.

            I'd take a DVI in-dash lcd, too, but i'll settle for VGA. Such a trivial thing to have on a display, i'm still amazed none do.


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              Panasonic car Navigation RGB pinouts

              Does anyone have information on a Panasonic car Navigation RGB pinouts. The connector is a 1 DIN with 13 pins on it


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                  Also, just found these guys - good for us UK types:

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                    Originally posted by PotzUK
                    Also, just found these guys - good for us UK types:

                    ...apart from they're really dim panels (180nits) with PAL/NTSC input only. Units that poor are ten-a-penny.


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                      Aye... tis why I haven't actually bought one
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                        Does this also exists in ts screens or not
                        I want to know also if its possible to use it (ts) for carpc because I dont know **** about the connections and stuff


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                          My Kenwood KMT-700 also lists a RGB input, I would love to be able to connect VGA to it.

                          How can we get the pin outs to determine if this will work?