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Really? Eonon car dvd get 30% off?

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  • Really? Eonon car dvd get 30% off?

    I see news feed in facebook,

    This is Eonon Refurbished Products Zone (short for E-R-P-Z) where you can get great products at a bargain price. At most 30% discount is provided, but they’re nearly with the same quality as the new ones. There’re only limited units everyday, so first come, first served.

    How about the quality?

    The quality is the same as the new products. To establish even better reputation and expand our influence among more customers, we offer such discount. These refurbished products have all passed strict test, and the replaced parts are new. So you don’t have to worry about the quality at all! They’re also with 2 years warranty.

    Really save at most 30%?

    Sure. You can get 25%-30% discount for the refurbished products. What’s more, the shipping policy is the same as the new products. No remote area fee is needed, and free shipping is provided for 22 countries.

    Welcome to E-R-P-Z , and enjoy! Please visit:
    I am considering to buy one cos it's so cheap

    guys,any suggestion?

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    Install a PC in your ride instead.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      it would have to get way lower than 30% for it to be worthwhile for me(like 90%)....
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      carpc undecided


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        I had order one,it's "E0858" :
        - Power Supply: DC12V, range from DC 10.8 to 16.0V
        - Max Working Current: 10A
        - Installation type: 1-DIN in dash installation
        - Drop Down Detachable Button Panel
        -Control Panel Night Illumination Function
        - Install Size: 185(L) mm ×175(W) mm×50(H)mm
        - Package Size:340(L)mm×290(W)mm×120(H)mm
        - Gross Weight: 3.5 KG
        - Net Weight: 2.5 KG

        Looks cool~
        I will back and write a rewiew when I recieve the package~


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          Very few people here will be interested in a simple HU... And a cheap chinese one at that.

          Put in a PC, then people will care.
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