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Issue with 700IDT

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  • Issue with 700IDT

    So i've been having an issue on and off for the past year or so (pretty much since my warantee ran out) so I figured I might as well post and see if there is an answer here. When I first power on the screen the image will be in the proper location, but then the screen does some kind of autodetect and offsets the image by around 20-50% horizontally. It varies each time, and sometimes it offsets it so much it wraps around (didn't know that was possible). Horizontal adjustment via the menu only moves it 2-3 pixels back and forth so that dosent help me. Any clues what could be causing this? Power cycling the monitor anywhere from one, to 10 times solves it eventually but its annoying that every time I start the car I have to do this.

    Also, brightness and contrast settings are never saved in between power cycles. Backlight setting is saved, but brightness/contrast are not. I'm pretty sure nothing will fix that, but who knows.

    All in all this monitor has been nothing but trouble since I bought it :/. Kinda wish I had gone lilliput heh.
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