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Partially fried 7'' Lilliput, any ideas?

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  • Partially fried 7'' Lilliput, any ideas?

    I had a weird electrical short the other night. I have a 2 years lcd Lilliput 7'' touchscreen that burned up the 12 volt power wire, like up in smoke, melting to the carpet problem. I thought that since I had tapped into a switched 12 volts it would be fused by the cars fuse panel. Well it was not! There also is a old school glass fuse in the inline power filter, it did not blow either. The good news is that the back light still works, and the RCA video-in still works ( I can use it as a TV monitor ). The bad news is that when I try to use the VGA-in, I get the no video signal message and it powers down. Has this happened to anyone else? Can this be fixed? If so, will the cost be more than buying a new Lilliput? Any info would be great.
    (Charger) Zotac IONX-B-E (Atom sing core) w/ 2gig ram Xenarc 705, M2-ATX, XP, RR&DFX5
    (Mustang) ECS mini-ITX (Atom dual core) w/ 2gig ram, Lilliput 809, M4-ATX, XP, RR&DFX5