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Picking a good touch screen

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  • Picking a good touch screen


    I'm new here. I have built a good computer but haven't installed it yet in my car due to not being able to decide what kind of screen I should get. I see a lot of people use the Lilliput 7 inch screens. What worries me is that they would seem kind of small to use (I haven't used one yet). I've seen on eBay 15 inch touchscreens for usually cheaper than the Lilliput, is there any reason people aren't using these instead? I don't really mind if it doesn't fit in-dash.

    Thanks for your time!

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    for me, one of my requirements was that it not be obtrusive, and look out of place-- and using a 7" screen, i got exactly what i wanted. when my system is turned off, it looks like a navigation unit with no buttons on the front, or maybe a stylized filler peice?

    i can definatly see the advantage to having a larger screen fro readability-- for anything other than the front end, the 7" screen is just too small.
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      That's true, a big screen would probably be hard to mount. I saw this 8" LCD on eBay, it's pretty cheap. 220477766466 Anyone know anything about these? I don't see a brand name which could be a bad sign