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Lilliput 619 broken connector on controller board

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  • Lilliput 619 broken connector on controller board

    Is it possible to de-solder this connector and either get a new one somewhere, or solder the wires directly to the board? the pins look extremely close together on the back and i'm not an amazing solderer.

    i know this connector is the problem with my shifting VGA signal, because when i move the wires a little, the signal goes crazy.

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    can anyone help me out with this please?


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      you coukld just buy another coencteor and pass new wires
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        where do i buy the connector?
        i don't understand: "pass new wires"
        what do you mean?


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          is that a molex conector or something sim ilar?..the picture is not very could just buiy another conector ..and pass the wires in it?
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            the male and female connector are both ruined
            they are super glued together.

            i know i am going to have to de-solder the whole connector from the controller board, but should i just skip the connector all-together and solder the wire directly to the board (very difficult. tiny wires), or find a new male and female connector somewhere?
            maybe if someone has a broken controller board and would like to get rid of both male/female connectors.