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issues with the touch sensivity..

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  • issues with the touch sensivity..

    Hi Guys,

    As said in my introduction threat I have some issues with my Lilliput screen wich are driving my bollocks.

    To be informative, my setup is as follows;

    Asus A7V400-MX motherboard with Integrated VIA UniChrome Graphics (VIA/S3G KM400A)
    Lilliput 7" TFT monitor
    40GB 2.5" HDD (Not relevant)

    I have installed Windows XP with SP3 and riderunner to it. After installing, I installed all motherboard drivers (VGA/LAN/SOUND) and Lilliput touchscreen drivers, and calibrated the display. All went well for a while so I was really happy.

    After a couple of minutes of config via the touchscreen, I noticed that the touchscreen was responding more different by the minute, I mean that when I press here [x---] it shows the mouse cursor like I pressed there; [--x-]

    That is really annoying, because when you want to adjust volume or change some windows settings you have to push way far more to the left or right then where the buttions actually are. As far as I know I have installed all latest drivers, even older Lilliput touchscreen drivers but neither of those gave me a satisfying result.

    I have made a (nokia phone) video of the issue, which could make what I try to explain clear;

    Link to the video;

    Right now I am using All_In_One_2k_XP_Vista_5.6.0.6806 Lilliput drivers, but also noticed that the windows resolution is set to 800x600 without the option to lower it to 800x480 which is the native resolution of the touchscreen.. Can that be a issue?

    I hope someone encountered the same problem, its almost 100% a driver/compatibility issue since the monitor works for a couple of times well after re-calibrating.

    Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

    Many many thanks.