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VM70 touch function misbehaves after sometime

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  • VM70 touch function misbehaves after sometime

    Hi all,
    I bought a 7'' touch screen from short-circuit for my carpc.

    the problem i face is touch screen starts to misbehave after sometime of operation. looks to me more like it starts to do so after it has warmed up completely. the mouse pointer goes to left top and keeps clicking there automatically. i checked for any dirt sticking but find any. what could be the issue? please help.

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    I suppose nobody here has faced such issue. today on detailed observation i found there is little gap at center top and bottom of the lcd. So opened it to try re fix it but found the lcd was hot glued to the plastic frame not screwed with support.


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      Thanks for looking into the thread.
      The problem has been solved. it was a power supply issue. i used the cigarette adapter and there was no issue with its operation, so have wired it permanently.


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        Just to throw my 2 cents into this, I know I'm resurrecting. The reason you had issues is because the VM70 already has built in power regulation. If you had it connected to the PSU before, I would assume that having both the PSU and the VM70 regulating power, isnt good.
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