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Help me Identify This TS!

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  • Help me Identify This TS!

    Short story: Bought an LCD off eBay for $50 in pieces. Managed to get it working, but it didn't come with a remote. The seller sold it as a lilliput screen, but i never managed to find a Lilliput screen that has the same outer appearance.

    Any ideas as to what this monster may be?

    Primary Board:

    Lower (Control) Board:

    Front Bezel:

    I need help identifying what it is so that i can activate some sort of auto power on. Since I don't have the remote, I guess i'll need to ask for someone to allow me to borrow one or figure out an electronic way to control the auto power on.

    Any ideas as to what this may be?

    Thanks in advance!

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    bump! anyone?

    I know it's a Lilliput, now I just need help identifying the model...