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Ebay EBY701 w/auto switch

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  • Ebay EBY701 w/auto switch

    I was browsing ebay for a lilliput EBY701 and saw this one that says it comes with backup camera switch. Do they now come from the factory like this or is this a hack by the seller?

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    I contacted the seller and replied saying that it came from the factory like that. Can anyone confirm if the EBY701s are made like that now?


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      thats a good seller, it probably is true. i bought my eby701 from that guy, a supposed transflective model for very cheap. everything went smooth and the monitor is awesome. sharpton is keen on these screens, he will know and he is good at responding. i can tell you that mine does not have such switch, but these things are easily modded and added onto so i wouldn't doubt they added the feature.