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Anyone ever used this screen?

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  • Anyone ever used this screen?

    Hey everyone. I used to have K90 screen, but the wires inside got fried after a good two years worth of use (anybody want it? I'm selling - You just have to replace the brightness wire inside).

    Time to get a new one. I'm debating between getting this cheap one:

    or the Xenarc 7000IDT which is way more expensive.

    I have to get an in-dash because i dont have a 2DIN config bay.

    Has anyone ever used the ebay screen? Any faults? Anything that i should look out for?

    Are there any other brands of screens that i can look into? Again, has to be in-dash.

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    Why wont anyone reply??


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      because you asked on a friday night for most of us and there's not alot of activity. That being said... motorized screens are nearly always crap... especially at that price. The pictures of the thing look like its made from cheap parts. Personally i wouldnt buy it Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Still no replies