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LB080WV3 (A3) LG Philips LCD

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  • LB080WV3 (A3) LG Philips LCD

    Hello all,

    I have received a small car display probably 7 inches or so the model is:

    LB080WV3 (A3) LG Philips LCD and also this is the closest schematic to pinouts i could find but its for the (A1). If I'm reading this correctly, I have 8-pins, and the colors go:

    1] Orange: Display mode control
    2] Blue: Brightness Control
    3] Yellow: Battery+ (power supply)
    4] Black: Ground
    5] Green: Brightness Control / Impedance Selection
    6] Red: Display Enable
    7/8] Black/White: pins 7 & 8 twisted together.

    Now, the schematic only says #'s no colors but this is how I assumed it is. Let me know if this is correct.

    I'm trying to power it thru a normal PC ATX Power Supply with the pins 13/14 and 8/9 jumpered so it tricks the PSU to thinking its hooked up to a motherboard. So the PSU boots up just fine, but I can't seem to get any power to the LCD display, I have yellow on the yellow molex connector for the +12v and the ground right next to it according to wikipedias info on molex connectors. Havn't tinkered with the display yet but shouldn't I at least see the backlight come on with this setup?

    Do I need some sort of regulator or something? then again I have no idea if this works, a buddy of mine gave it to me for me to mess around with.

    I'm currently going to school in electronics so I know most of this stuff.

    If you need any other info please let me know.


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      You need 12v to the red wire also. This is the ignition wire.
      My 2007 Yukon XL setup.


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        Thx for the reply,

        I tried that and its still a no go, does it sound like this screen is a dud?

        P.S. i've powered a laptop with an ATX power supply so i know that the supply is working.