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TView monitor, 6-pin connection, much confusion

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  • TView monitor, 6-pin connection, much confusion

    Hey guys

    I have spent many hours (literally) searching the internet on how to connect this thing... I recieved a 15" roof mount TView screen from eBay, model T156IR. It has two audio connections, a small gauge 12v+ lead, small gauge ground, and small gauge "dome light detection" wire. It also has a 6-pin connection (which after some research I found out that it is nothing more than a PS/2 connection, you might remember them as the standard connection on your keyboard/mouse before USB took over).

    So in the process of figuring out how to connect this thing to my head unit thru RCAs, I did some snooping and ordered the adapter pictured here, it's really a connection for a security camera to the recorder but it has a 6-pin to 2xRCA and a DC power adapter type connection not unlike something you'd power a laptop or some other device with.

    To test the monitor, I spliced its power/ground small gauge leads into power/ground sources, and the dome lights on the unit came on. Good, I thought. I affixed the 6-pin adapter doohickey to the unit and hooked one of the RCA leads to my in-dash and played a DVD. Nothin. Tried it with my in-car PS2. Still nothin.

    So is it possible that these small gauge leads do nothing more than power the dome lights and I need to connect an actual power source to this 6-pin connector? Or do I have a busted unit?