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USB Current Overdraw when screen plugs in

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  • USB Current Overdraw when screen plugs in

    A touch screen which i purchased from a member on here... who scammed me telling me it was a liliput screen... none the less i don't know brand or model now and he wont respond so your best guesses will help here.

    Anyhow the screen has two inputs Im using, one is a 12v DC power input from AC, and the other is a VGA looking plug that splits into a VGA wire and a USB for what i assume is touch control.

    Now the problem... Plug power in, plug VGA into computer and display shows up and works fine, then when I plug in the USB a warning shows up saying current draw on USB exceeded...

    Any ideas here, is it the screen?

    Thanks for any help.

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    reverse the VGA cable.. I had same issue and almost sent it back.. lmao,

    that type of cable is'nt universal the USB+VGA half to connec to PC, the single end to monitor
    Did it.. Done it... now I got to keep the neighbors kids away!!


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      Could also be a short.... but hopefully its something simple like a cable backwards
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        Jesse you saved me a ton of headaches for sure!

        flipped it around, threw the liliput drivers on and touch worked like a charmmm!

        Thanks so much


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          no, I was in that exact same situation a yr ago..I was swearing at chinese made stuff.. packaged it back up and was gonna send it back then realized something didn't look right.. why would the USB cord be so short..BINGO..glad to Help..
          Did it.. Done it... now I got to keep the neighbors kids away!!