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Standalone GPS to replace in dash Lilliput?

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  • Standalone GPS to replace in dash Lilliput?

    My carpc has been slowly evolving over the last 3 years or so, but one thing remains constant. The components are almost always sitting on my desk. I'd say over its entire life, it's been actually installed an running for about 6-8 hours. After recently discovering that my lilli controls and remote no longer work, and that my M2atx is acting up, I've decided to accept the fact that I will never make the time to get this thing running properly.

    What I'd like to do is replace the Lilliput with a 7" standalone unit. So far I'm considering either the out of production Garmin streetpilot 7200
    or the new Magellan 1700

    The Garmin is thicker, so I'd probably have to remove the in dash center speaker which sits behind the screen, but it accepts external antenna. The Magellan is thin enough to fit easily, but it doesn't accept an external antenna, so reception could be a problem.

    I know this is completely against the whole purpose of this site, but I figured I check anyway and see if anyone had any other suggestions.

    Here is a picture of my current installation:

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    If you haven't already, check out the portable navigation units by clarion and pioneer-I haven't used either, but should be very similar to the ones you listed
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      i somewhat understand what you are going through. however after installing a standslone GPS unit you are going to miss having a PC and eventually will start building another one ... thats what happened to me.
      i understand you are having hardware issues, with the lilly and the PSU. the lilly is problematic sometimes.
      the dc-dc psu units seem to have too many poblems, i personally never used one, but read alot about them, that why i prefer to stick to dc-ac inverters.
      however before you jump into getting a standalone GPS unit, may-b you should concider one of these
      this will eliminate both of the problems you are experiencing. and still give you what we all love on this forum ...
      other then that, if you still want to stick to a standalone GPS, see if you can find one with iGO 8 software, you will enjoy this one the most (o;'
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