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Portable DVD player screen for Carputer

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  • Portable DVD player screen for Carputer

    Hy... i'm new on this forum and hello to all... i am wondering is it possible to use a screen from portable DVD player for carputer (VGA, AV... anny input would be great)

    Here are spec of my screen, i found it in PDF...

    Sorry guys for my bad english

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    You could use the screen temporarily, but it only has a pixel resolution of 480x234, so it will be very hard to get text to display clearly-most computer screens need to support at least 800x480-double the resolution of that screen
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      Also, alot of the cheap ones Ive seen arent very bright at all compared to even my cheap Lilliput. Practically going to be useless in the sun.


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        yeah i know it's bad and everything but i need to put this screen to see if all things is going to work and then i will buy better... so, if anyone could give me instructions about how to make it work on VGA or any connection it would be great...