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    I received my lilliput 701 touchscreen thurs. I cannot figure out how to make the touchscreen work with gestures. The only function I have is touch/click or right click. I have looked thru the lilliput toolkit and cannot figure it out. I need to be able to draw on the screen and have the cursor follow my finger. I searched the forums but I'm not sure what the function is called. Thanks!

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    only a certain front end supports gestures (i know centrafuse/RR does) and it'll only work within the FE, but not inside windows. (if i understood your question correctly.)


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      Running centrafuse

      I am running centrafuse and I have gestures enabled but I cannot get it to work.


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        what happens when you drag your fingers? its best to try at the main menu.


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          lol, I wanted to figure this out to but quickly tossed it for voice control.. cool feature though just never gave it much of a try.. you figure it out.. let me know, RR has it but no idea how to use.. I enabled it in config and get the red ball trace..but never had actually change screens..I triied G.. M... N....but nothing responded
          Did it.. Done it... now I got to keep the neighbors kids away!!


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            Will let you know

            Punky, I will let you know tonight. I have been out of town. Thanks for your help!


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              It's supposed to change songs, you just enable gestures in Road Runner Config and then drag your finger horizontally on the screen when running Road Runner.
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