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Good 5-6" LCD for use with a mobile DVD player for < $200?

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  • Good 5-6" LCD for use with a mobile DVD player for < $200?

    Hey all, new to the forums here.

    While I found a bunch of technical info., I was unable to find a simple post regarding what some good beginner LCD screens are for simply playing DVDs when mounted in the dash or glove box.

    Does anyone know of a good one that is easy to install, has a 5-6" screen, and can run off the car adapter?

    Also, a nice mobile DVD player (Dash mounted) that can run off a car adapter would be nice as well!


    (By the way, yes, I actually do own a Yugo. And yes, all of this will be installed in a Yugo. I will post pictures when I start installation.)
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    Check your local car audio dealer, er shop.
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      I see you are looking for off the shelf solutions

      here are some links

      that should get you started
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        i'v got a semi decent 5.6 lcd i am looking to sell works good for use on dvd players <at least to me it does>
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