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Looking for a 6-7inch screen

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  • Looking for a 6-7inch screen

    I want to put a rear view camera in my Scion XB. I am going to remove the rearview mirror and place a pod there to hold a screen thaat i cab use for rear view setup, and maybe a video screen, or i might just get a second camera to aim at my kid. Now i really only have abut 7 inches worth of useable space and if you factor in a 1/4 inch or so of a frame i need a screen thats about 6.5 inches wide. I dont want to spend a bunch on it, but might consider a touch screen and one day use it as a car pc monitor.

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    A carpc video signal and a camera video signal are two different things. Getting monitor that supports both could pay off in the long run, but it costs a lot more, a standard monitor for the camera will be drastically cheaper, but is really only suited for the camera view

    If you can narrow it down to the type of screen that you want, there should a couple different options either way.
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      Well in that case i guess i will go more for a monitor. Can i use them for just video source? camera and maybe dvd playback?