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Which connector to use?

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  • Which connector to use?

    I have a 10" LCD screen that I bought off ebay which I haven't received yet. I know that I can't just plug it straight into a computer so what would I need to connect it?

    I'm installing this for part of a school project.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Great Forum BTW.

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    looks like for that you'll need an LCD Controller, an Inverter, a hirose cable, cabling for the inverter, a VGA cable... anything I left out?


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      And the most important thing, the pinout information!!!

      When you get the screen, do a google search and see if you can find a PDF for the screen. This will tell you what color depth and ttl levels it works with and then you can go about getting a matching controller.

      If you cant find a Pinout, you probably just wasted your money..

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        yup... that would be the FIRST thing you need... buying the rest of the stuff I mentioned would be risky at best without the knowledge of how to hook it up.

        ... hell I had everyone here walk me through it and still was iffy...