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  • Dead Lilliput 629

    Hello everyone.. I've had my Lilliput LED Backlit 629 in my truck for a few months now. everything was working great till my screen died!

    I have it hooked up to a 75w 12v inverter, through the included AC adapter with the screen which is triggered via relay from ignition activated 12v source. Ive never had issues with using the system then starting the truck until now. Always if the inverter couldnt survive cranking voltage it would shut off the screen and then restart.. this time it did that only the screen never came back on.. everything on the board works (lights, remote) but I have no backlight or screen display??

    anyone have any ideas? this is a 2008 model Lilli 629... the board has 0 nano fuses of any kind on it...Im at a loss... any help would be greatly appreciated...hoping shes not pooched!