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What is the name of this mounting?

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  • What is the name of this mounting?

    What is this type of mounting typically referred to as?

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    what is that, can you give more pics? where does it mount to ?


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      Absolutely, this is a pretty common style for the smaller LCD/Touchscreen units. I'm not looking for the name of the stand but more specifically the name of the slide part shown below. I'm trying to locate different mounting options (articulating arms to be specific) but it would make it a lot easier to know the name of this mounting style (i.e. VESA 75x75, 100x100, etc) You can see what it looks like on the backside of most screens from short-circuit and other vendors.

      Image taken from


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        I don't know the correct name but it ought to be something like "adjustable slide mount".

        Bingo! Hit Google for the results "adjustable slide mount LCD". Here's one.
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          Still looking for the correct name of this type of mounting.

          Although those type of search terms do find *some* results its just not what i'm looking for, really looking for the exact name. (I.E. VESA 100mm, 45mm, etc).