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Alpine TME-M740BT question

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  • Alpine TME-M740BT question

    Hey guys,

    I want to get one of these so I can have nav in the car.

    I don't care to swap out the factory HK headunit in my Outback, but I would like the bluetooth to work.

    How does the bluetooth wiring work? Since my car uses an external amp stock (with line-level-inputs), how would you all suggest I wire it up?

    There's a "mute" output it looks like from the screen.



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    usually, the bluetooth setup in a factory system is in the radio, so removing it will loose the bluetooth feature.

    you could get a differnt nav unit with navigation and bluetooth, or you could setup a carputer with bluetooth...
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      I'm trying to add bluetooth though, not remove it.

      The 740BT is bluetooth ready. So I can pair my phone with the screen. Trouble is, outputting the audio from my phone call. The screen has a "mute" line, or so it seems, and it also has L&R outputs.

      My car, a 2009 Subaru Outback 2.5XT, has a Harmon Kardon stock stereo that uses an external amp (which is fed by line-level input).

      Would it be reasonable to send the "mute" signal to the headunit (simply T it into the stock mute wire from the steering wheel control), and then plug the L/R wires into the line-inputs on the amp?

      Or would that not work?

      I don't intend to remove the OEM radio, simply add this screen and a NAV unit to it.

      Will it work?